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I am a computer repair consultant who specializes in updating your PC and eliminating viruses.

Please check the services below and see what it is I have to offer.

Web Page Review ($30+)
1 – Review all pages and links and make recommendations
   – Visitor Flow
   – Load Time

2 – Correct link names and landing page titles
   – Review webpage load times and make recommendations
   – Based off the Google site load time evaluator
**** Free price estimate on your page, pricing will depend on number of pages and depth of code

PC Check-up ($50)
1 – Virus and Malware Review, Scan and Removal

   – Review your current anti-virus and scan with a different one if needed
   – Scan PC with anti-malware program
   – Remove any Virus and/or Malware found
2 – Check start-up programs
   – Review windows start-up programs to remove any programs that are not needed
3 – Check Browser Add-Ons

   – Check browsers for any add-ons deemed unsafe or slow
   – Check Add/Remove Programs
4 – Review Add/Remove Programs list for virus or incomplete uninstall

PC Update ($40)
1 – Windows Updates
   – Check for any windows updates not installed and make sure your OS is fully updated
2 – Program Updates

   – Check common programs to make sure they are all up to date and install any updates found

Combo Plan ($75)
1 – Do BOTH PC Check-up and PC Update

2 – Run a Disk Clean-up and Disk Defragmentater check and run them if recommended

- Go to the Order tab and fill out the form, for description please include any additional info.
- Under Category choose the correct one, or general if you are just submitting a question.
- Go to the Payment tab and pay for the service, if Web Page Review wait till after the estimate.
- I will contact you via e-mail within 24-hours to schedule a time and give how-to instructions.

– I am not liable for anything happening to your PC after I do the repairs.

- I do not guarantee you will notice the difference